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Bitter Sweet

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Fostering
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Friday I took Forrest to his forever home!! This is my first foster dog that is going to his forever home so I wanted to make sure everything went perfectly. It snowed like crazy here and I couldn’t get him out much to exercise so I was a little concerned with how excited he was going to be. I packed Forrest and Opie in the car and started the drive to his new home. I talk about energy. It’s something I believe in that can’t be explained but felt by those who take the time to be in tune with it (dogs for example are). It was almost as if Forrest and Opie knew they were going to be saying goodbye. There was a moment where they rode along almost hugging each other.


When we arrived I let Forrest out he went pee and we went in. His Mom and Dad are more awesome than I imagined. They had bought him a brand new crate as well as a bunch of toys, leash, and collar. I gave them the going away package BIN put together for Forrest. I stayed a bit and chatted about him with them. I told them anything I could think of that was important for them to know about him. What amazed me was Forrest’s behaviour. From the second we got there it was as if he knew he wasn’t going to be “mine” any longer. He sort of detached himself from me paying much more attention to his Mom and Dad (part of me was over joyed but I can’t say there also wasn’t a part of me that was sad too). They had bought him a duck toy that he loves. He calmly played with it in the kitchen eventually laying down to chew on it. This gave me a chance to explain his feeding rituals and what not while his Mom filled out his paper work. I observed him for any signs of discomfort. He was 100% content not anxious or stressed, part of me thinks he knew that he was finally home. After seeing how comfortable he was it was a little easier for me to leave him. I thanked them for loving him so much already as he really deserves a home, somewhere to belong. He was calmly laying in the living room with his Dad playing with his duck. Instead of making a big show of goodbye and upsetting him (at this point I wasn’t sure if he was going to try to follow me out) I quietly patted him on the head and walked down the stairs. It took everything in me not to scoop him up and give him a big hug and call out “Forrest Mc Morris” one more time but I didn’t want to make things hard for him.


I thanked his Mom again and left. Walking to my car was bitter-sweet. I knew that he was happy and in a good place where they would love him. I would be able to foster another dog and give a deserving bully a home. Still the selfish part of me was sad that he was no longer “mine”. In the end when his trial run is up assuming everything goes well (I know it will) I can foster another dog and give them a home. Which is what I set out to do in the first place. It’s one of those happy but sad moments I know I will continue to encounter through out my journey. Keep your fingers crossed for Dee Jay (Forrest’s new name) ┬áhe deserves this!