Blood and Gore Galore

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Pit Bulls
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So I’ve had a bit of writers block the last few days. I enjoy writing posts but I don’t want to just ramble for the sake of making a post once  a day. I read an article about a young boy in the UK who was attacked and bit on the face by a Yorkie requiring quite a few stitches and has made him fearful to leave his home. Like I’ve said it’s always sad to hear of a dog bite especially when it involves a child. Sadly most will form some sort of poor opinion of dogs and carry it through life.  It left me thinking about the media and the stories they choose to report on.

I found it interesting as most of the dog bite articles I come across involve large breed dogs and most of the time they cite a pit bull or a mix of some sort. Pit bulls are my passion so it’s not a surprise that I see these stories since I pay close attention to any media coverage on Bully’s positive or negative.  Many times authors will just use the phrase pit mix as it draws readers in. In doing some fact checking many of the police reports never specifically name a breed. Just a medium to large-sized dog. So here’s an article about a small dog attack. Most of the time attacks involving small dogs are not reported because no one is seriously harmed.  In this story the dog bit a child in the face causing some fairly serious injury as well as a fear of leaving the home.

So why choose to report on this dog story? I think on a subconscious level the media has trained us to find these type of blood and gore stories interesting. Think about it pit bulls and dogs in general are doing media worthy things everyday rescuing owners and strangers, serving in our military, and being therapy and guide dogs. Though you rarely hear about it because a positive story doesn’t attract as many people as a negative one. I bet my views would go through the roof if I named this article something like “Pit Bull Mauls Man 50 Stitches Required” as opposed to “Pit Bull Guides the Blind”. I wonder what is the attraction to the blood and gore.  Turn on the news it’s all violence and negativity with a smattering of something good, with the feel good stories never receiving as much coverage.

I certainly don’t blame the media for the evil that is present in the world. Although I do hold them accountable for what they choose to report on.  The flip side of this being they are reporting on things that we show an  interest in.  Things that people will likely watch or read. I think as a whole we need to take a better interest in positive stories in the media and take the focus of the negative.

  1. Run A Muck Ranch says:

    Very well said! As a pit and a pit mix mom, OK, so as a DOG mom, I get fed up with the dog bite stories (they would have called that Yorkie a pitbull here BTW) when there are more Dog, even pitbull, does wonderful things stories. I’m not sure it’s necessarily the people asking for blood and gore as much as it is people being lazy and simply taking as gospel whatever the news agencies say. Each network or outlet tries to out sensationalize the next. As long as they have viewers, keep trying to outdo the competition. Personally, I don’t tune into news agencies anymore – but if there was 1 that focused on the positives in the world, I would be a loyal watcher.

    • meb81087 says:

      Totally agreed. The new is pretty awful these days. I just wish our guys got the recognition for positive things because they are out there doing great stuff everyday!

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