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Posted: April 3, 2013 in Pit Bulls
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So today I saw an interview that was recently aired on the news. They had a woman and her pit bull mix on the show to be interviewed and asked their opinion on whether pit bulls were dangerous dogs or if  the person holding the leash was to blame. You guys know how I feel on this issue. The person holding the leash is responsible period. The dog is either doing what you have taught it to do or what you allow it to.

I held my breath. The truth is a lot of people when it comes to pit bulls tend to say things damaging to the breed and the notion that pit bulls are no different from a German Sheppard or strong breed of dog. Most of the time these people are totally well-meaning it’s just the way they phrase things or a blanket statement. For instance don’t mix pit bulls with other dogs or small dogs for that matter. My small dog has lived all her life with pit bulls and has never had a problem (she currently lives with 3). Does that mean all pit bulls will tolerate small dogs, no. But I know plenty that do well with other dogs and for that matter animals in general.  I thought she did a really good job fielding the questions and answering them in a responsible educated manner. Even better was the interviewer Manu Raj who drew some pretty good conclusions. First being that any animal abused and mistreated has the potential to become aggressive. He has cats and compared it to that. If he mistreated his cats and taught them to react to humans aggressively it isn’t going to be a huge surprise when they act aggressively towards people. It was refreshing to see someone in the media not attempt to garner views by asking negative questions or tying to provoke an argument. He had an open and honest way of asking his questions, that showed he honestly just wanted to know. He had no hidden agenda. He also touched on another key subject. Kids and proper interactions with pets. Again he used a scenario relevent to his life. His young nephew liked to pull his cat’s tail. When he did this the cat scratched him. Manu made an excellent point saying it is not the cats fault but the parents for not teaching the children proper interactions with cats and other animals. So I wonder in many of these children dog bite cases in what manner did the child approach the dog? It’s a shame parents don’t educate their children more about dogs and the proper way to approach and greet a dog. I mean imagine if someone just walked up and grabbed your ears and nose. Chances are you’d react in a negative manner. Some dogs are more tolerant than others it comes down to temperament not breed. It was awesome to see someone in the media with this kind of thinking. It was also amazing to see both of them paint the “pit bull” in a positive light. So cheers to both of you and hopefully we’ll end BSL in Ontario in 2013.


  1. Marcela says:

    Excellent post. You are right about kids and dogs. But let’s remember this, before a parent can teach a kid about the proper way of interacting with a dog, the parent himself/herself has to educate himself/herself. You can’t teach something you don’t know yourself. In my opinion, and this is after having dogs for over 10 years, a pet parent at a minimum should take one obedience class, read at least 2 books about dogs and talk to a trainer or animal behaviorist about his dogs “quirks”. I am a pet sitter and I had a gorgeous and impressive looking pit bull stay with me for 4 months. He was so loving, funny, affectionate, and energetic dog. Some pet sitters do not take pit bulls, rotties and GSD because they believe they are inherently aggressive. I don’t look at the breed first. I look at the temperament of the dog. Maryland is also in the middle of passing a law that would either target pit bull pet parents or all pet parents regardless of the breed of the dog. Pit bull advocates are hoping that the law is passed for all and not single out pit bulls. I hope for the same. Pet parents need and should be responsible and that means learn about dogs, training, interacting with dogs, etc. Living with a dog that at a minimum has basic training is a joy:)

  2. meb81087 says:

    Good point. Can’t teach what you don’t know. It just seems so many dog bites happen with children and the only thing people can seem to do is blame the dog. I agree 100% with what you said. Parents should educate themselves on owning a dog that way they can pass one the knowledge. I’m always trying to keep upto date with new ways to train your dog. I really like your approach to pet sitting. I’d do the same thing. Breed isn’t as important as temperment. I really hope Maryland doesn’t begin to single out pit bulls like they do here in Ontario. I have a buddy down their it would be a shame he has a really pretty pitty girl. Cheers thanks for reading!!

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