Foster Friday Forrest

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Pit Bulls

2013-03-29 17.00.23

Today is foster friday so I thought I’d give everyone a bit of an update on our second foster Forrest. He’s currently sleeping on my fiance with Lilly and Opie. I’m happy to say he is making great progress. We’ve been working with him pretty diligently. He has had zero food issues while being here. I have been able to pretty much from day one feed him with the rest of my pack. He has become much less tense with toys and bones when people and other dogs approach him. He’s starting to fit in and understand what is expected of him ie waiting to come out of your cage or sitting patiently to eat. He has a fair amount of energy so  I started rollerblading slowly with him. He is a bit nervous about leaving the property which I went through with Stella. Her case was pretty serious compared to him. He shows some concern about it where as she would often flat-out refuse to move. Getting out of the drive way could be a 15 to 20 min process. Thankfully we have worked through that and she happily leaves for roller blades and walks with no issues. Like I said Forrest has shown some concern so we are just going to reinforce that leaving is a good thing and there is nothing to be anxious about. We have been working on his leash skills which are getting better everyday. He’s come a long way in just under a week. He is also making strides in potty training. He hasn’t figured out how to ask for the door and sometimes still pees in his crate but his accidents are becoming much less frequent. He has started to learn his basic tricks sit, stay, lay down. Tonight we’re going to see if he’ll run an agility course to start and boost his confidence. He is a really sweet little guy who loves to snuggle. He had just spent a long time in the shelter where he wasn’t getting enough socialization with people or dogs. I can see from his behaviour he misses social cues that the other dogs are trying to give him. Like everything else he’s learning.


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