I know I know. I just started this blog and here I am already a few days without a post. My plan has always been to be as active as I can on here. If any one missed my last post we took in a new foster this past weekend named Forrest (we were thinking of changing his name but after getting him I just didn’t have the heart to put him through anymore). We already have Opie and with my two that makes four. Everyone has been getting along well so far. Poor little Forrest  has had an upset tummy after switching his food so I’ve been sleeping downstairs with him making sure I can get him outside quickly. For the first two nights he was up almost every hour or so. Yesterday we switched him off dry food and put him on chicken, rice, and a bit of pumpkin thankfully the runs must be drying up we haven’t had diarrhea since last night. He woke me up a few times last night which is to be expected he isn’t completely potty trained (I’m assuming in the shelter he just did his business in his kennel). Here’s some phone pics from the last two days. He’s really coming along. Almost a night and day difference since saturday.

2013-03-25 12.37.12

2013-03-26 09.39.01

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