One in the bed and the little one said roll over.

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Pit Bulls
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Can you Scoot Over?

Really in my house couch overcrowding is the major issue (Stella and Opie both sleep in their crates). Fortunately on an overcrowded couch the worst that can happen is Opie may spill out onto the floor. Sadly the same cannot be said in shelters all across North America. Right now there are many dogs out there where this is their last night. No crowded couch. The shelter is full and now the workers and volunteers must choose dogs to put down.  Not an easy task or a job I envy. To be honest I couldn’t do it. Sadly an alarming number of these wonderful guys and gals are pit bulls or pit mixes. They are the most over bred and under adopted dog in the United States. Some estimates show that as many as 93% of all pit bull and pit mixes are put to sleep in shelters. Sadly one study shows that only 1 in 600 pit bulls will find their forever home.

I’m going to get right to the point. We need to put restrictions on the breeding of these dogs before things get even worse. Owners should by law have to spay and neuter their dog. With the alarming rate that these dogs are being put down there can’t be any possible reason to breed them. These dogs are first to get put down (sometimes immediately) and last to get adopted.  Pit bulls make up roughly 33% of all shelter intakes with it rising in large cities. So I ask then what possible reason could there be for not spaying and neutering your dog. There is nothing good that comes from continued breeding. Simple math shows that there are just not enough adopters out there. I mean really the same can be said for most dogs who find themselves at the shelter.

So if there are so many pit bulls out their without homes, why you might ask do people continue to breed pit bulls. Sadly some are bred to fight. The reality is they are one of the most popular fight dogs. Thankfully many states are adding dog fighting to their RICO statutes making the jail time much stiffer. No more small fines and a little slap on the wrist. I wish more states would change their animal cruelty laws period. But I digress. Why else might they be bred? $$$$. That green-eyed monster that lives inside of all of us. Thankfully people like you and I don’t act on it. Instead we invest our time into rescuing, fostering, and helping adopt out these dogs. It’s upsetting to think that people are still purposely breeding them with so many of their kind at the shelter waiting for homes, many are puppies. The sad truth about these breeders is if the pups don’t sell fast enough many will just drop them at a shelter as it is much harder to sell a juvenile dog than a small  puppy. I always wonder to myself how these people can just throw the puppies away as if they’re disposable and go on living with themselves.

Bottom line there is no reason not to spay or neuter your pit bull. This simple act alone will help decrease the amount of pit bulls in shelters and being put to sleep. If you love this breed like I do then I implore you to get your guy or gal fixed. Check around many local humane societys and SPCA’s will often have a discounted rate for your pitty (guess this is one time where prejudice may be on your side). Either way you will be helping solve the over population of pit bulls in North America by ensuring your dog won’t have puppies.

Have room in your place for one more? If you made it here you know where to look. Google some local rescues and animal shelters. Make an appointment to fill out an application and meet some potential dogs. Explaining your life style to the rescue or shelter worker will help him to match you with a suitable dog. Even if you are dead set on a puppy they are sadly in abundance as well in rescues and shelters. Bullies in Need have a large amount of puppies filling up foster homes right now. Not that we don’t love our little fur balls it’s just sad to think their parents were more than likely breed on purpose and then the puppies dumped when “things just didn’t work out” or “it was more than we could handle”. End note be responsible if you love the breed you’ll do the right thing and spay or neuter your pit bull.

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