So I thought I’d start today by saying this right out. I am a big follower of Cesar Millan. I have read some of his books, watched his show and dvds. When Millan came to Ottawa we had even went to see him. I practice a lot of what he teaches and his philosophes and guess what they work. Do I live by everything he says no. Am I deluded enough to think that his way is the only and right way? No.  But Millan has been at this a long time and I believe there is much merit to his work. There are studies for both sides showing how his methods do and don’t work. There are also many studies done that show  crime is down when it is not. Or how pit bulls are dangerous dogs.  Like most things in life nothing is absolute. Most things tend to linger in the grey area. Crime is down in some areas. Some pit bulls are dangerous. Whether we made them that was is a whole other debate. While Millan encourages others to seek other options and even acknowledges that his way is not the only one. I see many of these other so-called “professionals” tearing him down saying if you follow Cesar your wrong. I was recently pointed to a blog where the trainer goes on and on about “no force” training and how it is the only way and how horrible Cesar is. I wonder why so many of these other “professional trainers” spend so much time attacking him instead of doing what he does, helping dogs. Millan is always respectful when it comes to the teaching methods of others. I wonder why others aren’t a bit more secure in their methods. By tearing him down it seems like these so-called “professionals” are trying to eliminate an option for us instead of doing what Millan does and let us choose what works best for us. I am always suspicious of other people when they so openly tear someone down. It’s unprofessional and speaks volumes about them. As an open-minded young adult I find value in many different ways of training dogs. No one way is the right way. It’s closed-minded people just like this that clutch so dearly to the lame idea that “their way is the only way”. It’s mindsets like this that support the BSL here in Ottawa. That the only way to curb dog bites is outlaw all pit bulls. Someone so closed-minded they can’t peer outside the box and say “Hey you know what there might just be another way to do this. Not better than mine just different”.

If at nothing else we can all agree what an ADVOCATE FOR OUR BREED he is. Millan has numerous pit bull dogs that are all ambassadors for our breed. He has also rehabed countless Pit mixes. Please try telling me you wouldn’t enjoy a dog as well-behaved as Daddy was or Junior is. Most of us at home can only dream of having a dog as balanced as that. If you’re sitting there shaking your head then I know there is nothing I can say to you. Millan must be the dog beating mad man some people will make him out to be. You sound like the PETA people who say poke balls are harmful to Pikachu. In the end I wonder why nay sayers are so quick to pound their chest and tout their way as being the only one. While Millan humbly takes the opposite approach. If you do not agree with his methods he openly invites you to explore your other options. Never once will you catch him trying to boast his methods as the only ones that work.

The people who seek out Millan are trying to change their pets behavior which has become out of hand and sometimes even dangerous. Millan encourages owners to take responsibility for the situation and own it. Something many trainers do not do. In the end who are you to judge someone based upon their beliefs. Taking it one step further to belittle them and make them feel bad for attempting to train their dog, well that speaks loads more about you than the people who follow Cesar Millan. These people should be applauded for putting in the work instead of just dropping fido off at the pound when “he just wont behave right”.  I always find it odd when professionals are so closed-minded that they can’t see anyone elses work having any value. With all of Millan’s supporters out their its kinda hard to argue and say his methods don’t work. I’m not saying that you need to agree with him 100& but trying to deny that his methods work at all is ridiculous. So if Millan so easily accepts their being other ways to train dogs, I guess the real question is why can’t you?

  1. wendy says:

    I agree but for someone writing a column i would suggest spell check as there are many noticible mistakes.

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  3. I love reading your blogs 🙂
    Thanks for sharing them on my fb page…

  4. meb81087 says:

    Thank you soo much. I’m just trying to share my experience with my dogs and spread some knowledge about a really misunderstood breed.

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