Yesterday I originally started a post about Pit Bulls and mixing them in with other dogs of different breed and other Pit Bulls. I was having trouble getting things flowing so I decided to shelf it, post a few pics of my gals and guy, and write something else. I woke up today and looked at yesterdays draft. I realized I was doing exactly what we as Pit Bull owners should be fighting against stereo typing. I realized I wrote the article in a way that made it seem like mixing in Pit Bulls with your current pack is different from mixing in any BIG POWERFULL breed. I was contributing to the stereo type without really even thinking about it. I had written that draft to show that Pit Bulls make great family pets and pack members. And without even thinking about was making a stereo type myself. At the end of the day we need to remember that Pit Bulls are just like any other strong breed. Just because they are a certain breed doesn’t mean they aren’t still dogs. Dogs are social creatures and pack animals. After some thought this morning I thought I would write this instead.

Let me start by saying I have never had any qualms about mixing my dogs. I am an avid dog person so I have spent plenty of time researching, reading, and watching training videos about dogs and dog behavior. I also have spent plenty of time watching my own dogs and studying their behavior. I believe it is possible to have your dogs get along as a pack. I believe it is possible for most dogs to get along in a pack under the right leader. Not everyone can handle multiple dogs if you can then you know it really relies on you. You are pack leader you are in charge. This is your pack and you dictate what is appropriate behavior. With having said that not all people are ment to own Power breeds just like all people are not ment to have multiple dogs especially instances where there are large and small dogs.

I currently have two Pit mixes and a 7 lb Shorkie (shitzu yorkie) who all live in perfect harmony together. At one point Lily also lived with another Pit mix Bently (picture in previous post). It was always the expectation of my fiance and I that our pack get along and they always do. We have bones on the floor toys out in the open. Our dogs do not fight over bones or toys. They do not guard them. If they ever showed any signs of those behaviors they would be corrected. Not correcting or not fully following through with a correction is not an option. You must be a leader at all times.

Having multiple dogs is amazing and I don’t think my fiance or I would have it any other way. We love fostering for BULLIES IN NEED it has changed our life. Thats not to say it does not take hard work and dedication. There is a lot that goes into having multiple dogs of varying size and temperament. Being able to read dogs and dog behaviors even down to understanding different types of growls and body language is a must. Being able to correct a dog the instance it is displaying an unwatned behavior  is also crucial. If you don’t catch them exhibiting the behavior it is impossible to correct them and show them proper behaviors.

People should always do their home work and research first before integrating dogs. Know your dog! What are her warning signs that an interaction is not going in a positive direction. Remember it is up to you to dictate the meeting. All interactions should always be supervised. Any dog that is new to your pack that has already been determined that  has dog aggression tendencys should only be  handled by experienced dog people familiar with the breed and breed tendencys or trained professionals. The average person misses many signs and warning signals that lead up to a dog fight. You commonly hear people say “well he just turned on him everything was fine” or “he  just snapped.” This is completely false there are always warning signs while sometimes subtle it is up to us to recognize and take charge of the situation. That being said dogs with dog aggression even dog fighting in their past can become a happy healthy pack member under the right leadership.

Take Cesar Millan for instance who rehabilitates dogs of all breed and circumstance. His slogan being that “No dog is too much for him. ” While I believe what he says to be true. We are not all Cesar Millan nor do we all posses his innate skill and ingrained intuition when it comes to dogs. But we owe it to our pack to do our best and give them 100%.If you are not an experienced dog handler and I would even say borderline professional you should not be trying to integrate a Power Breed that has dog aggression behaviors. At the bare minimum you should employ the help of a dog behavior expert who is different from someone who just teaches tricks and basic obedience. Do your home work not all dog trainers are experienced with dog behavior. Also search out someone familar with the breed you are working with. In these scenarios professionals will give guidance and show you how to introduce your dogs and make sure interactions are positive and  show you how to supervise them. This is not saying that dogs with dog aggression issues cannot be rehabed and shown a different way under different leadership. A prime example is the fight and bait dogs from Bad Newz kennels (The Michael Vick dogs). These poor guys  suffered tortures that I can not even fathom. Many have found forever homes with other dogs, children, and animals. I recently saw a pic of one of the Vick dogs snuggling a small bunny. In my eyes most dogs are capable of being wonderful family pets and pack members its up to us to lead them that way. I love all dogs big and small, Pit Bulls or Shorkies. So having my gals ( yes two girls) not get along is not an option for me. We create the scenario our pets live in. So give them one where they all live happily together.

My guys and their buddy mojo

  1. amanda says:

    LOL I Have a Pit bull, a labX and a sepella Siberian husky. There are no issues with integrating different breeds !! Some people are just ridiculous

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