It’s all how they’re raised. Or is it?

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Pit Bulls

So I’m a fairly active reader when it comes to Pit Bull awareness and I recently came across an article claiming that it is damaging to say well “It’s all how they’re raised”. I see both sides on what the author meant. I personally believe that it is all how they’re raised but let me go on and explain. If you are a responsible owner right from day one with your puppy you will end up with a well behaved balanced dog. If your a dog person you know that the keys to a happy pup are exercise, rules, discipline. When one of these elements is missing you often end up with a frustrated dog. By providing these things for your dog you are being a responsible owner and helping him to be a well behaved balanced dog. Ultimately by controlling how you raise him you control what he will become. Hence raising your dog properly is extremely important. 

Now like everything in life to the other side of the coin.

Ill try and explain what the author was trying to get across. There are plenty of dogs in shelters all across the US and Canada if they are of the Pit Bull breed than more than likely they are on death row. The point he was making was just because these dogs were adolescent or adult dogs doesn’t mean they couldn’t be trained in the same fashion as your puppy. Just because the dog has had a difficult past does not mean he is un-adoptable. Take for instance the Michael Vick fight dogs rescued from Bad Newz Kennels many were re-homed. I recently saw some pictures of what those dogs are doing today. Many of them have happily found forever homes. Many of those homes include babies, children, and even other animals for instance a rabbit. Going to show that despite a dogs past doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance for rehabilitation and a different life. They need to be shown a different life with different rules and expectations. 

Dogs rescued,bought, and adopted Pitbull, Doberman, Poodle ,or Shorkie all need leaders. So in short it is all about how they’re raised but at the same time just because of the way they are raised doesn’t mean they can’t be trained to behave differently. 


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