I have pitbulls…. but Im a dog person just like you right?

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Pit Bulls

Instead of a long winded introduction Ill just jump right into it. Ive had dogs growing up all my life we had small dogs when I was a child and it wasn’t until my early Twenties that I had my first big dog. I rescued him off of the front lawn of some irresponsible person who let his two un fixed pets mate. I figured I’d make my first post about the dog that showed me what having a dog was really about.

I was delivering pizza for a local pizza place when i first saw Bently and his brothers and sisters. They were living in pretty terrible conditions. I mean there are certainly dogs out there that have it worse than they did but their crate was small with no shade 1 bowl of water and 1 bowl of what looked like adult large breed dog food. While dropping off the pizza I got to see what I assume were his mom and dad. Mom was a large white Dogo looking dog and Dad was a very stocky typical Pit Bull build. The man offered that if I wanted I could take one as he was “trying to get rid of them” (at least he wasn’t selling them breeding is a real pet peeve of mine but that’s another post). I told him Id think about it took his number and left. Puppies are cute. I like cute things. I called my fiance up and told her that I wanted to go back and take one. She warned me that it was alot of work, and responsibility. She had just gotten a puppy of her own a Shorkie named Lillian. I looked up the cost for shots at the local SPCA and found that not only are his shots cheap but to get him fixed is discounted because of his breed (I’m not really for breed discrimination but at least its a positive in this case. So to all of you out there in Jersey there is no reason why your Pit isn’t spayed or neutered.) Needless to say I got Bently that week. Looking back on things he was way too young to leave his Mom (not that the mom was with the pups anyway). Right from the start he was a cute attentive and what I realized now fairly energetic. Especially compared to the two I have now (both of which are sleeping on the couch next to me). He liked to chew things  loved food people other dogs. He was brave and didn’t have a nervous bone in his body.  He was a happy healthy puppy. My fiance was going to be comming down soon and we figured that since both dogs were puppys it would be a great time to introduce them as eventually they would be living together.


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